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Major instrumentation









Elementar Americas PrecisION isotope ratio mass spectrometer equipped with 10 collectors for   N/  N (N2 or N2O),   C/  C (CO2 or CO) and   O/  O (N2O, CO2, O2, or CO) analysis as well as N2, O2, Ar ratiometry, and N2O isotopomer determination. For dissolved O2, N2, and Ar gas analysis, 6 collectors are used for simultaneous detection of masses 28, 29, 32, 33, 34, and 40. For N2O analysis, 5 collectors are used for simultaneous determination of masses 30, 31 (for the NO  fragment) and 44, 45, and 46 (for the N2O  fragment). This system is fitted with a PAL autosampler and custom on-line gas extraction and purge-trap (for N2O analysis) system. 

Bay Instruments Membrane Inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS) equipped with a Pfeiffer Vacuum PrismaPlus QMG220 M1 QMS with Faraday and SEM detectors, a gas-tight ion source, including 2x ytrriated iridium filaments, a flow-through membrane inlet with high precision water pump and temperature control, peristaltic and vacuum pumps, standardization apparatus (stirrer, flask, support, refrigerated water bath), and a Lindberg/Blue MiniMite tube furnace. The MIMS will primarily be used for N2, O2, Ar measurements as well as   N-labeled incubation experiments. 


2019-04-04 12.45.41 copy.jpg

Antek 745 nitrate/nitrite reducer, vacuum pump and Teledyne T200 nitric oxide detector for low-level nitrate/nitrite concentration measurements by vanadium(III) reduction with chemiluminescence detection of NOx. 


Vario PYRO cube CNSOH analyzer operated in two different configurations. In one mode, the instrument is a high-end elemental analyzer for simultaneous carbon, nitrogen and sulfur (C, N, S) isotope ratio analyses. The instrument is alternatively a high temperature analyzer for the determination of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes at 1500oC. The vario PYRO cube is interfaced with our Elementar Americas PrecisION isotope ratio mass spectrometer.  

Other equipment 

- 1 Barnstead MicroPure Thermo Scientific UV/UF water purification system

- 1 centrifuge (Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 8)

- 2 Thermolyne large muffle furnaces

- 1 TD-700 Turner designs fluorometer

- 1 V-1200 VWR spectrophotometer

- 1 VWR mini incubator

- 1 VWR water bath

- 1 Eberbach reciprocal shaker

- 1 Scientific Industries Genie 300 temperature-controlled shaker 

- 1 VWR oven (max 250  C)

- 1 VWR analytical balance (model VWR-214B2)

- 1 VWR balance (model VWR-3001E)

- 2 analog vortex mixers


Lab space

PSC 515

2019-03-13 15.20.53.jpg
2019-03-13 15.20.44.jpg

EWS 510

2019-03-13 15.25.15.jpg
2019-03-13 15.26.03.jpg
2019-03-13 15.25.54.jpg
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